Just a retarded, horndog gr0nk who loves drawing shit that I like. Newgrounds is THE fuckin shit tho. Wouldn't ever be who I am today without it.
Huge props to all the artists here who pretty much shaped my entire childhood, so thanks.
PS: Fuck u cunt:)


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Been a long time fan of this fuckin site. Just wanted to say that I owe a huge chunk of my bloody childhood to this place and to flash content as a whole. Everything from the games, art and especially the wacky, weird-ass cartoons have shaped my overall personality and sense of humour and I honestly can't even begin to thank all the artists/animators that I've followed over the years enough. You dudes fuckin rock. Keep doing what you doing cos the world is a much better place cos of it.

Also just wanted to say that I wanna post more of my shit art eventually as times go by/whenever the fuck I feel like it. Kinda due to self confidence shit and wanting to learn the basic fundamentals and doing self-study [gesture/poses, anatomy, perspective/foreshortening, shading, etc] as I go, it's kinda why I've been reluctant to post my shit anywhere online. Either way, I just wanted this account to be my primary place for putting my shit outta my mind and onto a tangible place that people who care to see it can... y'know see that stuff and review/give feedback on cos goddamn do I have a fuck ton of shit to learn. So yeah, go nuts.

Also wanna animate some shit and put it here once I actually learn how to. Been focusing moreso on art/sketching primarily since I grew up just using the good ol' pencil n' paper. [Trying to learn digitally recently has been a rough transition, that's fo sho'] So yea, animation is WHOLE nother ballpark that I wanna get into before I fucking kick the bucket or kill myself.

All n' all, thanks to whoever stumbles on this shite and taking the time to check some stuff out. Very much appreciate it regardless. You folks all have a good one and fuckin long live Newgrounds, the best goddamn site for all the fuckwits like me who love everything to do with art, animation and flash content. 


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